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Our Commitment to Quality


With over 50 different engineering improvements compared to any "similar looking" product, the Triad 750 outperforms and outlasts every other personal electric scooter available. At Triad Electric Vehicles, our unique designs are built to meet the highest quality standards for production, materials, manufacturing, quality control and certifications. The Triad 750 will exceed your expectations for performance and reliability.

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Quality Manufacturing


Our commitment to quality proves to be the most valuable to consumers who need or want a long-term solution for their personal mobility, those who are seeking an alternative to the stigma associated with traditional medical mobility scooters, or those who are looking to improve their lifestyle and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Savvy consumers who understand the basics of these new technological advancements in personal electric mobility are more satisfied with the Triad 750 personal electric vehicle because it offers the most significant design improvements to the entire vehicle in order for them to enjoy the long term benefits of a personal transportation solution.


Advanced Design


With the highest standards for manufacturing and design and over over 50 different engineering improvements, your Triad 750 EXCLUSIVELY comes standard with:

  • The best frame design, materials and welding 

  • 10X the battery life with just one 6.7lb. (3kg) removable 48V battery, 

  • Built-in backup battery charging inputs

  • Redundant onboard surge protection 

  • 48V electrical components

  • A “TRUE” 750W motor with up to 4X more power

  • 3 speed settings to govern power

  • Weatherproof wiring design through the frame

  • The safest brakes available that stop uphill on inclines

  • Automotive grade tires that last over 5X longer than bicycle grade tires

  • The brightest headlight/taillight and brake light 

  • Multiple seat options on every model 

  • A more durable folding handlebar and locking mechanism for safety 

  • Security alarm and high quality ignition with all metal keys, 

  • Plug and play computer controller and components for simple maintenance

  • Sealed double bearings in the rear wheels 

  • Stainless steel and aluminum hardware to prevent rust and corrosion 

  • Lightest weight vehicles available for easy transport

  • The highest weight capacity available at 350 lbs., and much, much more. 

Modern Technology


The battery management system (BMS) in your Triad battery is extremely important. This Bluetooth enabled built in computer included with the battery is known as a smart battery pack. It sends valuable real time data to your free Triad battery smartphone app. As this is not a common component on most electric scooters, you would find this tech inside today's electric cars instead.


It is important that you have our Triad electronic Smart BMS system to manage and protect your battery from operating outside its safe zones because our battery is the automotive grade quality. The system monitors the battery state during operations and while charging, reads the temperature and voltages of each cell, calculates and reports data in real time to your app; controls the battery environment, and balances the battery cells during charging.


Triad's exclusive battery monitoring technology also includes a thermal management protection system to prevent electrical malfunction.

  • Our Bluetooth BMS Protection System Includes:

  • Over-current protection

  • Over-voltage protection (during charging)

  • Under-voltage protection (during discharging)

  • Over-temperature protection

  • Under-temperature protection

  • Ground fault or leakage current detection

This is extremely valuable information since your battery can last 5-7 years on average or up to 800-1200 charge cycles.

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