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Here are the questions we are most frequently asked:


Do you ship internationally? 

Yes. We ship throughout the US, Canada, UK, EU and Australia.


How long does shipping take? 

Air Shipping on single units averages 10-15 days once manufacturing and packaging is complete.

Ocean Freight shipping on wholesale orders averages 22-35 on the water to the port of destination once the shipment arrives at the port of departure. MOQ 10 units on wholesale orders.


Will I be charged for taxes?

For US shipments taxes are included. For international shipments, a final destination delivery fee may be required to be paid directly to the shipper by the receiver.


What forms of payments do you accept? 

Payments can be made securely by credit/debit card by phone with a customer care representative, or by secure wire transfer.


What does your Parts Replacement Policy cover?

As the industry leader, Triad offers a full 1-Year parts replacement policy on all units owned by the original purchaser (excluding tire wear and brake pads).


Who can do the service for Triad? 

Service and maintenance have been simplified so that we can assist you, a friend or family member to complete all basic maintenance requests.

If necessary, we may also be able to assist you to find a professional technician in your area should you be unable to perform the basic mechanics required. Find a Technician

What about spare parts?
We have the parts you need. You don't have to worry about parts. We got you covered at the time of order!


Can I order one unit? 

Yes. We produce single units for customers where there is no retailer nearby and for retailers or corporate clients who want samples before placing larger wholesale orders.

Call 855-648-7423 to speak to a customer care representative to discuss your unique needs and style.


What makes a Triad 750 better than other similar looking scooters?

The Triad 750 is certified as the best personal electric vehicle available. Competitor units do not have CE, UL, MD, ROhS, EMC or ISO certifications. Triad adheres to a much higher standard of quality in comparison all other similar looking products on the market.

Click here for more technical information on the critical factors that make Triad the best choice for you!



What is your return policy? 

Customer payments are used in full to pre-pay for all costs associated with the custom manufacturing production and delivery of vehicle.


The full Terms and Conditions policy can be read here.

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