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Customer Testimonials

"Thank you very much for all your cooperation, I have enjoyed dealing with someone who is so thorough and proper. I am very pleased to have dealt with your company and it's employees - they seem to enjoy doing business properly! P.S. I will be referring you to any one asking about my vehicle."  - Don V. / Carroll, OH

"You and your team really do set a mark for exceptional customer service and I'll be certain to continue to sing Triad's praises when the opportunities present themselves." - Danny K. / Castro Valley, CA

"In the first 2 days/nights of riding my Triad there are 3 things I really appreciate; -It's FAST! -I can literally turn on a dime. -It can crawl, which is really helpful for going up my car ramp and  turning around.  It's the details that you've really gotten right."

-Johnnykid / Cookstown, Ontario, Canada


"I took my new Triad 750 out for the first time today for a test ride and am very happy with it. I managed to pick my daughter up from school which is something I can’t normally do due to my spinal injury and having the suspension forks and now with the suspension seat I added, it was very comfortable on our bumpy pavements here in the UK. My other cheap powerless 350w bone shaking electric trike is now up for sale!" - Antony G. / Waterlooville, UK


"I leave work with energy and a smile. It has made a huge difference for me. Thanks so much!" -Kieran D. / Sherman, CT

"Thank you! I so appreciate your help. I love my Triad 750 and am handing out quite a few of your business cards. I hope to get you referrals galore - it is such a great product! I am stopped every time I use my Triad 750 with people wanting to know more. Thank you so much for the great service!  - Linda D. / Duncan, SD

"Thank you so much for everything! I'm very happy!"  -Maritza G. / Venice, CA

"Thank you so much. We are clearly enjoying our Triad 750. Thanks for the great service. It is hard to go a full block without being flagged down. One lady stopped me and mentioned the segway and said the Triad 750 looks more sturdy. She was very impressed and she would like to get one right away. It is amazing that those who see me are smiling and very inquisitive." - Guy R. / Winnipeg, Canada

"So… now we've been to OR, NY, NJ, DC, NV, and CA in 3 months with our Triad 750. It travels regularly in our Lincoln Aviator, has been in a Volvo 70, an Amtrak train, an Airbus 300 (twice) and now a 2008 Corvette!" - George R. / Belmont, CA


"These are the best stand and ride scooters we've ever seen!"  -Chad Stott / Scootaround Inc. The nation's largest scooter rental company

"Its so convenient! I am so happy. I go to the supermarket, to the rec center and easily get on and off the bus with it. What used to take me an hour to walk now takes me just minutes. It really holds its charge! I don't need to worry. I just go." - Donna P. / Honolulu, HI

"We love our pair of Triad 750s. We drive them all around. We barely use our car anymore, and save hundreds on gas now, and I even reduced my car insurance payment because we drive so much less each month!" - Leonard N. / Springfield, MO

"You've made my husband so happy, he absolutely loves his Triad electric vehicle. The entire experience from start to finish with your company was amazing. Thank you for your diligent follow up and for really caring about my happiness as a customer, I wish everywhere I went to purchase a vehicle was like that! I'm so excited to hear about your new division and I will definitely be referring my friends, coworkers and family to your distributors! - Nina F. / Venice, FL

"We have 2 Triad 750s for the family. These scooters are the wave of the future. I've been in the automotive business my entire career and this scooter is very well made, very powerful and built to last. Here's to a world full of Triad 750s."

-John E. / O'Fallon, MO

"Thank you ! I am very impressed with your excellent help!" -Al P. / Levittown, PA

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