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Whats makes the Triad 750 the "Best in Class" vehicle?


Industry leading weather resistant American designs, high quality raw materials, skilled assembly technicians, certified quality manufacturing, the most powerful motor in its class, industry leading battery technology, superb packaging and delivery, customer care, available spare parts, the lowest cost of maintenance, the longest parts replacement policy available and much more. The Triad 750 was designed to last for years in a busy rental environment - which has made it the highest quality, most reliable personal electric vehicle available.


Triad holds the highest manufacturing standards


Most manufacturers throughout Asia where 98% of all electric scooters are made do not provide quality raw materials, or have to prove certification standards during or after the manufacturing process to ensure that the final product that is being exported is of good quality. This is 100% unacceptable for Triad Electric Vehicles.


Price Does Not Determine Quality


Make no mistake, the Triad 750 is the most advanced, highest quality personal electric vehicle avaialble and its not the most expensive. With Triad, you will receieve the best 3 wheel personal electric scooter available.

Our competitors offer non-certified low quality electric scooters often sold with high a price tag, which causes confusion in the marketplace. Consumers associate higher prices with better quality. In fact, our competitors are known to advertise misleading and inaccurate information about their product’s hardware specifications and performance.


Customer Care


Triad Electric Vehicles cares about our customers. We understand that you may need support, parts, assistance with maintenance requests and that you will depend on your Triad 750 for years to come. We'll be here when you need us, because when you get the best personal electric vehicle, you get the best service that comes with it.

US suppliers of low quality electric scooters for adults do not offer customer service or support, there are no spare parts readily available, and no one is trained to understand the complicated hard-wired electrical systems because there are no design schematics provided by the factory who produced it.


Little Details Make a BIG Difference


Here are just a few of the basic differences that make the Triad 750 the "Best In Class" personal electric vehicle avaialable:

  • Exclusive "true" 750-watt motor. The most power avaialable using the least amount of energy

  • Maximum climbing ability up to 17°

  • 1 removable lightweight 48v battery with 10X lifespan than competing 12v SLA batteries

  • Weather resistant design without external wires and electrical connections at the foot platform

  • Triad uses high quality 48v electrical components and a quick swap 48v motor controller

  • Disc brakes that stop the vehicle on inclines; unlike "drum" brakes which roll back on hills

  • 3-speed switch set at 8/15/25 mph

  • Our unique frame design accommodates much higher weight capacities

  • 56V heavy duty charger with redundant surge protection

  • Backup battery charge inputs

  • High grade rubber compound tires that last 5X longer than competitor's bicycle tires

  • 3 different models to choose from with up to 9 colors avaialble

  • Upgraded rust preventative hardware, with the highest quality bearings

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